June 30, 2022

National Park Hotel

National Park Hotel USA is one of the best hotels in the city. Guests travel from all regions of the world to encounter the extreme beauty of this special city. Guests have permission to view the city classical parts of the city from the window of each room.

Visitors get amused when they see a Waterfall in the national park of America. The nation of America is very beautiful the visits come from far and wide to see the beauty of the national park. The school teachers to come with their school students for a trip.

Because the whole year they study in school and they take classes. They why they feel depressed and then they travel with their school friends when they reach the national park they feel very happy and relax. They also go near the waterfall. They take their picture and when they reach back to their house they upload these pictures on social media.

The National park Authority have 20% discount for the students. Because they know students of the schools are not doing any job they come here for the trip that’s why they give a discount to the schoolboys.

The national park authority has some other special thing for the visitors. They want to make happy to the visitors because every department in the business know if the customer will be happy then he will make good relations with the company. And if the customer will not satisfy then next time he will not use the service.

That’s why the companies who provide services to the customer mostly like to make positive relations with the customer. All the companies now going to become a customer-oriented company. They are all using the societal marketing concept. They want to keep their customer with them for the long interval of the time.

The national park administration has some other extraordinary situation for the visitors. They aspire to the make fortunate to the guests because every business in the industry know if the consumer will be felicitous then he will make good relationships with the corporation. And if the customer will not settle then the subsequent time he will not practice the co-operation.

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